Meet Lila (Layla) a UC Davis success story.

Meet Lila, a UC Davis success story.
Origin of story:

Lila was found with her mother and sister at a feedlot, ready to be sold for meat. A kindhearted woman [Jamuna Llewellyn] stepped up and adopted all three of them. Upon closer inspection, the new owner noticed one of these young donkeys had a very swollen left eye, which turned out to be a sarcoid—a locally invasive tumor thought to be of viral origin. Lila’s new owner brought the little jenny to UC Davis, her eye by now terribly disfigured. UC Davis quickly assembled a vet team, including oncologist Dr. Alain Theon, who went to work helping this young donkey.

It has now been over two months since Lila has been at UC Davis. She has continued her treatments at the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital and has been living at the Center for Equine Health in layup while her treatment continues. These treatments have created mounting veterinary bills, and a local collection has been started to help offset the expenses. If you wish to contribute to Lila’s fund, please contact click here to donate now.

Huge kudos to the wonderful vets, residents, vet students and staff at the VMTH who have given Lila such outstanding care, as has the staff at the CEH!

$2000 Donation Level Gift: Mel Smothers: Judy In Disguise with Glasses: ONE AVAILABLE

See his website for information on this exciting artist.
From the Series “Judy in Disguise with Glasses” Original Oil/Acrylic on panel 48″x48″.

Please contact Cindy Jenkins in order to view this piece: 707-280-4384

Excellent gift for $100 and up donation

Something really fun has crossed our path! Neil Barbosa: has generously donated the above paintings to be made available at the fundraiser. If you would like to sponsor the sanctuary at the $100 level, please message this page or Cindy Jenkins. We can make these available immediately.

Each painting is 24″x24″ created live in front of a live audience!

For more details or larger image of specific piece call Cindy Jenkins 707-978-4444.

501 c 3 Status Pending

We are so happy to announce the acquisition of a fiscal sponsor and we will be 501 c 3 status very soon. All of your generous support will be totally tax deductible!

Much gratitude to express to our community at large. The support received through the efforts of the “Freedom For All!” fundraiser has propelled us forward and upward!

West Nile Virus

My sweet mini donkey Lila is very sick with west Nile virus symptoms and also dealing with a complicated procedure to try to stop the sarcoid tumor from progressing. The vet came this morning around 6:00 and took blood to test. We have been supporting her though she is not eating or drinking. I squirted water into her mouth. because she is sick she throws up some of it. The vet will be back later this afternoon and we will pump a wet mash into her. We tried iv fluids but could not get a good connection this morning. She may not make it. Please send her love, light, prayers and blessings ~♥~ thank you, Jamuna

~Sinkyone Sanctuary~

~Sinkyone Sanctuary~ Named after the Sinkyone Wilderness area where I grew up and after the Indian tribe who lived there and were slaughtered by the white men. For little ten year old Sally Bell who hid in the bushes and watched her entire family brutally slaughtered before her eyes and her baby sisters heart cut out then thrown into the bushes where Sally caught it and held it still beating in her hands. Also for the herds of beautiful wild horses that ran the cliffs of The Lost Coast there when I was a child and who touched me and live inside of me always and are always a deep and real part of me and my being who were also later slaughtered. My animal sanctuary is now named in their honor and for all people and animals everywhere who deserve to live and be free. Grateful with all of my love, Jamuna