Meet Lila (Layla) a UC Davis success story.

Meet Lila, a UC Davis success story.
Origin of story:

Lila was found with her mother and sister at a feedlot, ready to be sold for meat. A kindhearted woman [Jamuna Llewellyn] stepped up and adopted all three of them. Upon closer inspection, the new owner noticed one of these young donkeys had a very swollen left eye, which turned out to be a sarcoid—a locally invasive tumor thought to be of viral origin. Lila’s new owner brought the little jenny to UC Davis, her eye by now terribly disfigured. UC Davis quickly assembled a vet team, including oncologist Dr. Alain Theon, who went to work helping this young donkey.

It has now been over two months since Lila has been at UC Davis. She has continued her treatments at the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital and has been living at the Center for Equine Health in layup while her treatment continues. These treatments have created mounting veterinary bills, and a local collection has been started to help offset the expenses. If you wish to contribute to Lila’s fund, please contact click here to donate now.

Huge kudos to the wonderful vets, residents, vet students and staff at the VMTH who have given Lila such outstanding care, as has the staff at the CEH!